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[Translate to Englisch:] Recalm wurde auf der Landwirtschaftsmesse „Agritechnica 2019“ im Rahmen der Systems & Components Trophy – Engineers‘ Choice für ihr Ancor-System ausgezeichnet. Auf dem Bild: zweiter von links ist Marc von Elling (CEO/zweiter von links) und Lukas Henkel (COO/dritter von links).

Excellent: Double success for recalm

The Hamburg startup recalm is concerned with active noise reduction in order to counteract the stress and hazard factor noise within vehicle cabins of construction and agricultural machinery. In recent weeks, the young company has received important awards for this.


In the beginning recalm was part of the BizLab Accelerator program of Airbus. The startup was supported by the EXIST scholarship of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. In addition, the team was supported by the InnoRampUp support program of the Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank. The team consists of Marc von Elling (CEO), Martin Günther (CTO), Ralf Ressel (CFO) and Lukas Henkel (COO).

Since summer 2017, the young company has "docked" at the start-up dock of the TUHH in Hamburg-Harburg. The prototypes were developed there for the first time in order to prove the function of the system. The first concrete practical tests with pilot customers from the construction and agricultural machinery sectors have been taking place since spring 2018. In the same year, recalm also won the Digital Innovation start-up competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. This year, the start-up was able to build on its success and won the German Occupational Health and Safety Award 2019 in the category "Newcomer". In addition, the team of four recently received the Systems & Components Trophy from the German Agricultural Society at the Agritechnica 2019 agricultural trade fair.

The prize was awarded to the ANCOR system, which eliminates interference signals by emitting an anti-sound signal. The system, which is controlled via an app, reduces the noise inside the cabin by up to 75 percent and thus increases the safety and quality of life of the machine operator. The concept convinced the jurors with "innovative, user-friendly, machine-oriented technology" and "tailor-made and differentiated design". "Both awards are extremely important for us. Not only do we as a young company receive a large advertising space in the industry, but especially because expert committees from the health sector officially accredit the added value of our product and thus support our vision of improving the quality of life through noise reduction," says von Elling.

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